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श्रृंखला पार्ट १
अतिथि वक्ता: कलाकार शिवांश राव, लेखक अविजीत एस मिश्रा
मेजबान: शंभू नाथ महतो / snath mahto
सत्र रिकॉर्ड की तारीख: 7 मार्च 2021 (एपिसोड 8)
विडियो प्रीमियर : 2 मई २०२१ , रात 9 बजे



shivansh rao | avijit mishra | pulp gulp talk show | Comix Theory | young talents of Indian comics

शिवांश राव ललित कला के छात्र हैं और अविजित मिश्रा एक कॉमिक्स लेखक हैं। दोनों भारत में रहते हैं, शिवांश राव उत्तर प्रदेश में व अविजित पुणे महाराष्ट्र में .

शिवांश राव ने हाल ही में भारतीय कॉमिक्स में प्रवेश किया है और उनकी प्रतिभा के कारण कई पुराने कॉमिक्स प्रकाशकों से और कई नए प्रकाशक से उन्हें कई प्रस्ताव मिले
हैं। उनकी कॉमिक्स जल्द ही आ रही है।
अविजित शंकर मिश्र एक अनुभवी कॉमिक्स लेखक हैं उनके कार्य tbs प्लेनेट कॉमिक्स, कॉमिक्स थ्योरी , अमेरिकन कॉमिक्स, फ्ल्या कॉमिक्स और
कई अन्य विदेशी कॉमिक्स से शीर्षक प्रकाशित हुए हैं। उनकी कई कॉमिक्स रिलीज़ होने की प्रतीक्षा में हैं।
इस talk में दोनों कलाकार और लेखक भारतीय कॉमिक्स उद्योग में हुए अपने अनुभव साझा कर रहे हैं।
इस विडियो को देखकर भारतीय कॉमिक्स उद्योग में उनके अच्छे और बुरे अनुभवों और भारतीय कॉमिक्स और उनके स्वयं के कैरियर के लिए उनकी भविष्य की अपेक्षाओं और दृष्टि को आप जान सकते हैं.
भारतीय कॉमिक्स की युवा प्रतिभाओं पर आधारित यह pulp gulp talk show श्रृंखला भारतीय कॉमिक्स उद्योग की नई युवा प्रतिभाओं के स्वागत के लिए है। क्यूंकि हमें विश्वास है कि वे भारतीय कॉमिक्स के भविष्य हैं।
यह एपिसोड 8 और भारतीय कॉमिक्स की श्रृंखला की युवा प्रतिभाओं का पहला भाग है।
अन्य श्रृंखला और टॉक शो के 15 से अधिक एपिसोड देखने के लिए इस चैनल को देखें।

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Comix Theory presents
Pulp Gulp Talk Show
guest speaker : artist shivansh rao, writer avijit s. mishra
host : shambhu nath mahto / snath mahto
session date : 7 march 2021 (episode 8 )

shivansh rao is a student of fine arts and avijit mishra is a comic book writer. both live in India. shivansh rao in uttar pradesh and avijit mishra in pune, maharashtra.

shivansh rao has entered into indian comics recently and because of his talents got many offers from many comics publishers and in talk with many new publisher. his comics is coming soon.
avijit mishra is an experienced comics writer who have published titles from tbs planet comics, comix theory, American comics, flya comics and many other foreign comics under his credit. he has many comics waiting to be released.

both artist and writer shares their experience in indian comics industry. they share their ups and down in comics industry.
know their good and bad experiences in indian comics industry and their future expectations and vision for indian comics and their own career.

this pulp gulp talk show series on young talents of indian comics is to celebrate new young talents of indian comics industry. we believe they are the future of indian comics.

this is the episode 8 and first part of the series young talents of indian comics.

to watch other series and more than 15 episodes of pulp gulp talk show check this channel.

contact us http://www.comixtheory.com
facebook : http://www.facebook.com/comixtheory

for more info contact host : http://www.facebook.com/snathart

© Shambhu Nath Mahto. All rights reserved. This is short version of the PGTS session. Using any part/full without written permission is prohibited.


Comix Theory presents


Young Talents of Indian Comics

episode 9, series part 2

guest speaker : dheeraj kumar / dk boss

host : shambhu nath mahto / snath mahto

session date : 14 -15 march 2021

avaialble on: 9 may 2021 , 9 pm

Artist dk boss pulp gulp talk show comix theory presents young talents of indian comics | PULP GULP

comix theory presents PULP GULP TALK SHOW episode 9 young talents of indian comics series part 2 guest speaker : dheeraj kumar / dk boss host : shambhu nath mahto / snath mahto date : 14 -15 march 2021 dk boss aka dheeraj kumar is an indian artist who basically is an animation artist and graphic designer and comics is his alter ego. this is pulp gulp talk show episode 9 where he was invited as guest speaker to speak about his jourbey and experiences in indian comics, indian animation and in foreign comics. he has been very popular because of his artworks and phtoshop works most famous for turnning bollywood and hollywood celebrities into superheroins and superheroes through his artworks and photoshop works, his most famous work is kirti sanon as devi of virgin comics, priyanka chopra as batgirl, hollywood celebrity as red sonja, vidya balan as poster girl for crackers, ellie goulding, jungle girl, sonu sood poster of bhai bade dilwala which was in appriciation to his help and works during covid epidemic in 2020 last year and labour migration catastrophe. he has made jhumri taliyaa strips, political cartoons in manga style, many graphic designs, and many phtoshop painting works and replicas such as nagraj and thodanga of raj comics, phantom, sketch of bodybuilder arnold schwarzenegger. he won best animation awards for his work in pehchan kaun ? animation movie by 3d / 2d in 24 fps annual awards 2009. he has work in comics as colorist and writer. as writer he worked in ghosts of india anthology comics mahamari / epidemic with artist bhalla bhagwant bhalla in 2018 which was published by comix theory publication. as colorist and artist he had worked in parshu in orange radius comics, fenil comics, antartic press. he has colored starbolt, stephie firegirl, planet comics, holy cow published ravanayan, stars end by antartic press, exciting comics. the ghost and many more of his many foreign comics coloring works were showcased in megacon orlando. from his presnce on web he was and is know as dk boss whether its in raj comics forum, facebook, orkut or any other social media. this talk interviews his role in the indian comics history. the history of indian comics is made by such talented ever young artist like dheeraj kumar.

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a talk with national awardee cartoonist and comics artist NEERAD ji

host : shambhu nath mahto / snath mahto


AVAIALBLE ON : 9 PM , 16 MAY 2021

comics artist & cartoonist Neerad | pulp gulp talk show | comix theory | ep 7 | indian cartoonist |

Cartoonist neerad is most popularly known as neerad. he is famous for his work on karamati meeku. his real name is neel kamal verma ‘neerad’ . he has a prolific work in UNICEF and world bank. other than these he has worked in alive and thrive, bsdma, global health strategies, oxfam india, catholic relief services, action aid india, pradan, save the children india, aga khan foundation, price waterhouse cooper, bihar sarkar, world bank india, water for people, brlps jeevika government of bihar care india and many more others. cartoonist neerad is one of the cartoonist from the league of cartoonist ganesh, kaak, sudheer tailang, yesudasan, pran kumar sharma, kutty, shekhar gurera, sudheer dhar, r. k. laxman, o v vijayan, abu abraham, irfan , harvinder mankkar, and many more . cartoonnist neerad is most famous for his works in children books and works done for various departments in indian government on public awareness and other issues.

He lives in patna, bihar , india. he was awarded a national award for popularizing science and technology on the 28 February 2008 in Department Of Science & Technology , delhi by minister mr. kapil sibble. he had made more than 200 comics and thousands of cartoons and strips and posters. his most famous comics works were in diamond comics published by gulshan rai. he had worked on characters tau ji, chacha bhateeja, rajan iqbal, karamati meeku, motu chhotu , fang magazine published by raj comics, mama bhanja , lambu motu, altu ram faltu ram , fauladi singh and many more. you might have seen his works in children magazine like nandan, nanhe samrat, balak, champak, and other magazines. his characters were equally popular among childrens in 90s and were on the league with the characters made by pran like chacha chaudhary and sabu , pinki , billoo, dabu, and many more. at that time children love to read adventures of tau ji and rajan iqbal.

He was also awarded in 19 January 1985 by diamond comics for his excellent works in comics and creating many characters by then krishna chandra pant central education minister. do yo know cartoonist neerad was a part of story books made on popular cartoon series of 90s which is called Meena which is a fictional character who stars in the South Asian children’s television show created by UNICEF.


follow the living legend creative on twitter : @NeeradC



 Comix Theory presents

Pulp Gulp Talk Show , episode 16


guest speaker: M. K. Goyal

host : shambhu nath mahto / snath mahto

Available On : 23 MAY 2021, 9 PM

Painter M K Goyal in Pulp Gulp Talk Show by Comix Theory | young new world of indian fine art |

m k goyal is self made painter and in a very young age he has acquired marvelous skills with a wow factor. watch to know more about him and his works in painting in various mediums like watercolor, oil painting, acrylic painting, installation art, portraits and caricature. How to become a fine artist painter is a story of its own kind. this is a story of indian painter. he learned paitning and fine arts very quickly and started work in watercolor, oil medium, and acrylics. he learned from tutorial, books and from best painter in world, and soon he become a famous painter in colleges like jamia and delhi college of arts, lalit kala akadami and is known by many in the field for his realistic watercolor and realistic portraits. his name is monu kumar goyal now M. K. Goyal. shambhu nath mahto aka snath mahto creative head of comix theory publication contacted his for a session in pulp gulp talk show and this is the talk session which resulted. the talk has a flavor of an interview, where you will come to know artist style and portfolio work with his story how he become a painter. in this episode he also talks about his works. In 2019 he painted portraits of legend Indian artist and writers from the field of children books, comics, and novels. He made portraits of legend artist pratap mulick, dilip kadam, aabid surti, vivek kaushik, anasr akhtar, sukhwant kalsi, neerad cartoonist, chandu, husain zamin, ved prakash kamboj, mohan sharma, sanjay ashtaputre. His portraits were published in LEGEND CALENDAR 2019.

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