Dear friends,

A warm welcome to the world of Comics Theory! This is very

first edition of our journey into the fantastic. Comics theory is

an idea to venture into various creative fields like comics, books,

animations & films etc.

We announced our journey on 17th December 2017 in Comics

Fan Fest, Delhi with the super support from its organizers

Mr. Mohnish & Mr. Aakash. At that time we have 24 creative

with us and now as on 13 may 2018 we have more than

51 creative writers and artists with us involved in Comics Theory’s

Ghosts of India horror comics anthology. Many thanks to each

and everyone for being together!!

This edition is special because its represents artists version of

art and provides a good portfolio of their skills. This is our key spec with which we are working. Comics theory is not only

about comics but the making of comics and its processes internal

dynamics and output. How throughout the process of making

comics we keep learning to collaborate with each other to make


This issue 01 is an initial release, the mamoth 250+ pages Ghosts

of India horror comics anthology will be released soon. That will

bring readers closer to the known and unknown profile of indian

ghosts,spirits, rakshasas, demons and devils, jigarkhor, goril and

many more from cultures of indian sub-continent!

-Shambhu Nath Mahto

(Founder & Friend)


Email: thecomicstheory@gmail.com


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